Frequent Asked Questions

Below are some items to help you prepare for the event. Be sure to read them over and make certain you bring water, helmet and sunscreen!

  • Can my child participate in the swim portion using a kickboard, life vest or "floaties"?

    Yes. We want he/she to feel comfortable and safe. Swim fins or hand paddles are not permitted.
  • Can my my child rest on the side of the pool or lane lines during the swim if they get tired?

    Yes. Safety comes first.
  • Are Are training wheels permitted on the bike?

  • Do you provide bikes and helmets for the kids to use?

  • Can my child participate "up" a division?

  • What is the time commitment and schedule on event day?

    Participant Check-In and set up of bicycle in the Transition Area will begin at 8 am. The kids triathlon will begin at 9 am with high school students doing swim then bike then run courses sequentially. High school will be followed by middle school, then elementary ages. Awards ceremonies for each category will begin near the Miramonte HS football stadium shortly after the last participant for that category crosses the finish line. It is anticipated that all participants will be finished by 1 pm.
  • Can I assist my child in the transition area?

    Parents for participants over 6 years old are not allowed in the transition area at any time, including prior to the event. For participants age 6 & Under, ONE parent is allowed in the transition to assist with: tying shoes, mount/dismounting bikes, putting on/off helmet and putting on clothes after the swim. 6 & Under athletes are still required to rack their bike themselves after the bike portion. Siblings, pets and additional parent are not allowed in transition area.
  • Can my child skip the swim and do just the bike and run?

    No. The event is not set up to accommodate this. We hope that by being able to use flotation devices and hang onto the lane lines that most kids will feel comfortable in the pool. If a child does not want to participate in all three courses (swim-bike-run), they can consider joining with two friends of the same age category to form a relay team.
  • Will the event be cancelled for inclement weather?

    No, the event will be held rain or shine. Some changes may be required due to safety concerns as determined by event organizers.